Pecan Wells Jerky Company

Who is Jerky Gene?

Texan Jerky Gene is known around these parts as a great guy with a hearty laugh and a maker of tasty jerky. Urban legend has it that Jerky Gene Robinson earned his name when he decided his grandchildren needed something nutritious to snack on while visiting. Much to the kids delight, and a few huge disasters in Mrs. Gene Robinson’s kitchen, he created an all natural beef, pork and turkey jerky just for the kids. It didn’t take long before the older folks caught on to the great taste of the jerky and to keep up with the demand, Pecan Wells Jerky Company was formed. Today, most of his employees call him Mr. Gene Robinson; however, he will always be famous in our small-town hearts as Jerky Gene Robinson.

The Pecan Wells Story:

Gene Robinson’s mission when he created Pecan Wells Jerky was to make a tasty, healthy treat for his grandchildren. He observed that when they would come to visit, Grandma would spend days in the kitchen baking high-sugar, nutritionally empty snacks. He worried about his grandchildren’ s eating habits, and was determined to make a healthy, all-natural snack for them that would not be too messy or leave handprints all over Grandma’s kitchen. Being from the country, Gene had eaten his fair share of jerky and realized that jerky is nutritious, convenient and best of all, the kids love it. Pure genius!

(Get it….GENE-ius….)

What makes Pecan Wells better?

Pecan Wells Jerky is an excellent, all natural great tasting snack. From the special spices, to the convenient packaging, it’s the small details that set Pecan Wells apart from other jerky companies. Gene Robinson spent many a sleepless night creating this jerky exclusively for his grandchildren. Pecan Wells Jerky Company is able to share that special recipe to snack lovers all over the country. With just one bite, you will discover what the Robinson grandkids already know…Pecan Wells Jerky tastes awesome!


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Owner:Gene Robinson


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